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  3. see you later ^^ time to babysitting


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  5. Changmin @ MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok; Outdoor.

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  6. Anonymous said: hiii can i ask of what type of texture you used to make the frame of this edit post/20628423390? its a different color than the rest and looks good :)

    Hi; Ah … Well, none. That’s not a texture, the frame is made of only white filling in soft light. I hope this helps you, otherwise you can ask not anon and I’ll help if you have questions ^^




  9. those moments when you are embarrassed so you turn to your friend hoping they will give you a ‘it’s okay’ look, in this case, an eyebrow raise from shim changmin. ©

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  10. «120406 ─ KMWB: Press•Conference | Thailand » ©;;

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